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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Micro Machines

Micro Machines were a line of toys made by Galoob (now part of Hasbro) in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Micro Machines were literally that; tiny 'N' scale component style "Playsets" and vehicles (approx 1 inch / 2 cm long) including miniature cars, trucks, trains, emergency vehicles, tanks, boats, helicopters, monster trucks, and motorcycles. The list enlarged over time, with many special editions being released in limited numbers (for example, the 'Bigfoot' monster truck Micro Machine). Star Trek and Star Wars models were also made, as were models from other science fiction franchises.

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1.1 Micro Machines
1.2 Micro Machines 2
1.3 Micro Machines 3
1.4 Micro Machines 64
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Video games
The toy range spawned a range of related computer and video games on several formats (including Amiga, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Boy, PS2).

Micro Machine games are departures from normal computer racing games; instead of powerful Formula 1 cars, you race toy cars around home-made courses, such as Dad's desktop or Mom's kitchen, each with its own obstacles.

Micro Machines
Release year: 1993 The first game in the series laid the foundation of the gameplay: a top-down racing game with miniature vehicles. The tracks were themed very differently, races take place on a billiard table or in a garden.

Micro Machines 2
Release year: 1995 Not only do you have cars that require different handling techniques for each course, but in Micro Machines 2 you even get to steer a hovercraft or a helicopter. There are also different playing modes which include innovative "head-to-head", in which you get points when you're so fast you drive out of the screen while your opponent is still in the back part of the screen.

Micro Machines 3
Release year: 1997 The last PC-game in the series featured 3D-graphics and 8-player multiplayer matches.

Micro Machines 64
A 3d console version of the game

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