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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Kid Chameleon

Kid Chameleon was an arcade video game released for the Sega Genesis. The premise of the game was that your character could change into different masks (like a chameleon) to use different abilities. It is a platform similar to Super Mario Bros.

Two series of comics based on the game were featured in Sonic the Comic.

Story A new VR arcade game arrived in town and every kid played it. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until kids began to disappear. The game's boss, Heady Metal, had freed himself from his scripted AI and was using his new freedom to kidnap every kid who could not beat the game, which was all of them. Until now. Kid Chameleon enters the game and must defeat every level, every boss and Heady Metal himself if he wants to save the others.

Characters As Kid Chameleon moves through the game's levels, he gains access to masks that transform him into 9 different characters. Each character had his own special abilities and his own amount of hit points (number of times that character could be hurt). Kid Chameleon, without any of the masks had only two hit points; this meant that he died after getting hurt just two times, which really increased the game's difficulty. Luckily, the game's other characters helped him out quite a bit, which were Iron Knight, Red Stealth, Berzerker, Maniaxe, Juggernaut, MicroMax, EyeClops, SkyCutter and Cyclone, which each had their own special abilities or attributes. Iron Knight had the most hit points and could scale walls. Red Stealth, a samurai, had a sword. Berzerker had a running charge attack. Maniaxe throws axes. Juggernaut was a tank that shot laughing skulls. MicroMax was a fly that could stick to things. EyeClops was a man from the future whose ray gun revealed hidden blocks. SkyCutter rode a hoverboard and could fly on the ceiling. And Cyclone had a flying ability. The sheer amount of variety in gameplay due to the various characters is part of what gave Kid Chameleon such an addicting style; few levels repeated the same structure and they usually had specific strategies and characters to be beaten.

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