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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Bubsy was the star character in a series of video games released by Accolade for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar, the personal computer and Sony PlayStation in the early and mid-1990s.

Though the games were platform games similar to Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, the bobcat never came close to the popularity level of the two bigger name mascots.

Bubsy was however popular enough to appear in a pilot episode for an animated cartoon in 1993.


1 Bubsy's abilities

2 List of games

2.1 Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind

2.1.1 The basics
2.1.2 Game mechanics

2.2 Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales
2.3 Bubsy II

2.3.1 The basics

2.4 Bubsy 3D

2.4.1 The basics
2.4.2 Game Mechanics

3 Glitches

3.1 Bubsy in: Claws encounters of the furred kind
3.2 Bubsy 3D

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Bubsy's abilities
Bubsy has two key abilities.

Jumping - Bubsy can jump more than twice his own height.
Gliding - Bubsy can glide, which cuts his acceleration by 1/4, allowing him to cross large gaps. Gliding can also be used to prevent losing a life from great falls and, when used on certain objects, allows him to bounce up much higher than a regular jump could.

List of games

Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind

The basics
The first release of Bubsy was in 1993. The game features five main worlds with three levels in each and a final level after completion of the first 15 levels. Bubsy collects yarn balls coming in four different colors. There are at least 500 yarn balls in each level, some with over 1000. Bubsy's enemies are primarily woolies, rabbit-like beings of a tan color from the planet Rayon. Bubsy, however, cannot go into water. This game has a medium difficulty.

The game is like a cartoon where, if you run into a wall at high speed, Bubsy becomes dizzy with birds flying around his head. There are several such cartoon-like animations in the game.

Game mechanics
The game has fairly simple mechanics. You move Bubsy left and right along the screen with the D-pad and jump with the B button and glide with the A button (these controls can be swapped in the options menu). Enemies are defeated by simply jumping on top of them. Touching an enemy while not falling will cause Bubsy to lose a life. You score points for collecting yarn balls, defeating enemies, and finishing the level. Gliding allows Bubsy to cross large gaps and, if used correctly on certain objects, can allow for up to 4 times the height. There are plenty of powerups around, in the form of a T-shirt, mainly extra lives. The game has quite a few glitches, the most noticeable one is the background scenery.

Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales
Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales was released in 1994.

Bubsy II

The basics
Bubsy II features five zones and it also features three levels of difficulty. Bubsy II was released in 1994. Bubsy collects trading cards in which he can use to buy various items. The game mechanics are much different from Bubsy in: Claws encounters of the furred kind. Bubsy II is just as cartoony as the games that have been released.

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Bubsy 3D

The basics
Bubsy 3D is the first and only of his games in 3D. It was released in 1996. Bubsy 3D is a sequel to the original in terms of the story and takes place on the woolies' home planet, Rayon. Bubsy 3D has 16 main levels and two boss levels. Bubsy has to collect 32 rockets, which are not neccessary to finish the game, in order to escape from planet Rayon. He also collects atoms. The graphics are very simple in their nature, even for the time era the game was made in. A dense fog covers the entire area. Bubsy actively speaks throughout the game at random times based on various actions you do. Bubsy's goal is to defeat the two queens of Rayon, Poly and Esther. Bubsy 3D is medium-hard in difficulty.

Game Mechanics
Bubsy can jump very high, he can glide, and, in some levels, swim. Bubsy defeats his enemies by simply jumping on top of them. There are plenty of platforms around, some of which move around. The controls are fairly simple, however, except in the water levels where it can be quite confusing.


Bubsy in: Claws encounters of the furred kind
If Bubsy falls any faster than 32 pixels per frame, the foreground objects disappear by row or get copied always in the direction Bubsy is going in. The only way to obtain such speed is by gliding onto the eggs repeatedly for a very long time (best done in levels 4 and 5).
The backgrounds have misplaced pixels making them scroll horizontally incorrectly and unrealistically.
In level 8, there's a spot by a giant exclamation point with a woolie just to the left of it that, if you die and return to here, you'll continually die forever until you run out of lives.
You cannot pass 80 lives, otherwise all lives and the score get reset once you die or complete a level.
In the first level, where the water slides are up high and near a wall toward the end of the level, Bubsy can become dizzy from slamming into the wall and slide down the slide at slow motion.
In level 1, where the bridge crosses a large pool of water at the end of the level, if you just walk into the water from here, Bubsy will stay put on the bridge showing the secret of the drown animation.
At the very beginning of level 2, jump and fall over the edge and try to land on a steep cliff without gliding. Bubsy will tumble, then, when just about out of bounds, splashes into water that you cannot see.

Bubsy 3D
In level 2, on the second fan from the end of the level near the rocket, if you glide facing the mountains while beneath the platform, Bubsy will fly up incredibly high, so high that you can't see the level below. This trick can be applied to in two other levels, but you don't get as high.
If Bubsy goes out of bounds, he dies from water or slime, even though there isn't any present.
In one of the dome levels, if Bubsy gets in the right spot near a wall, he'll go inside the terrain and everything disappears. It's very hard to return to normal.
In level 2, if you pause the game while jumping up into a UFO, various sound tracks play continuously, including some otherwise hidden in the game. This trick is very hard to accomplish.
With the coordinates cheat code active, entering a coordinate that does not exist or is out of bounds causes the game to freeze.

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